A Nation of Experts

The biggest problem of our country is that, there are so many doctors everywhere. Those who are not doctors are rather politicians or sports experts. And if you sit in the company on people aged 25+ for 10 mins and don’t hear any such thing, then either your senses are questionable or you are dreaming.

So some boy caught cold.

Some-random-neigbour-‘doctor’-auntie: “Aaj tabeet kharab ha bachay kee? kia hua? gala kharab ha? Meri manain toh milk boil kar k uss ma ginger owr  honey mila kar pila doh. sath ma safaido k leaves kee duni b dain… subha tak theek ho jaay ga”

Now who can remain sick if something like this comes up. He will just jump out of bed and pretend he is all fine.   These habits can also be observed in some teenagers, but its rare. I know a friend like this. (His name will remain classified as I value my life)

Next are the Politician Uncles. I won’t like to quote them but all they do is talk and talk all day. 18/24hrs they just discuss politics. They abuse all politicians all day and feel this will end all the problems of our country (maybe you don’t feel like this, but they do). But in the end they vote for the same corrupt party every time. And then they have the damn logic “kia karain bahi, walid-sab kee party choar toh nahee saktay na”.

Now comes the group known as “seasonal experts”. They show-up out of nowhere, in cricket-fever days. Nowadays Team-Pakistan is badly struck by South Africa in UAE series. We lost the ODI series 4-1 and T20 series 2-0. The reason in collapse of batting order. Now this is where things get ugly.

Everyone is talking about it and repeating the same words, which they heard on tv, a thousand times. but they never get enough of this. Then are the FB pages and sports shows on TV.

“should Misbah be the captain?”

“should Misbah resign?”

“should Misba play till worldcup?”

“Should Afridi seek a career in modeling?”

“which played to add? whom to rest?”

tell us by texting on our number. charges *(30rs+tax)”

And every seasonal sports expert, in the country, feels like the chairman of selection committee.

But all I see are the same faces again and again.

To all these TV programs and FB pages, I would like to say that I don’t give a damn about who plays and who don’t. You can just ask me one question

“should Pakistan win?”

and I will say “yes”.

I don’t know how. Just let the professionals do their job and if they can’t, than no one can.


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