‘RIP Paul Walker’

Normally my day starts with a text message

“Dude the van left”

But today it was different. Its because I didn’t had to go to university. So I woke late with the words of a news bulletin

“Paul Walker died today”

I paid no attention at first, but then they played the sad music which is often played at the death of someone famous. This is what made me think, who is Paul Walker? Isn’t he the president of united states? No can’t be. why would they play a sad song for that. Maybe the secretary united nations. but I heard he was some Chinese. So who can he be?

The News-caster was quick. She answered my question without taking a breath (for 5mins). So I came to know that he was the guy who betrayed FBI and broke his oath to his homeland, to join a gang, only because he had a crush on the sister of the gang leader. I had watched this “car racing film” but never liked it. (because I only like sci-fi movies). In a hurry to update my FB status I took the news from new-york times e-paper and posted it on my timeline.

Now as I gave attention to the FB news feed, I realized that I am far too late. The world had changed while I slept. DPs changing to ‘RIP Paul Walker’, status updates ‘RIP Paul Walker’, pic uploading ‘RIP Paul Walker’, photo comments ‘RIP Paul Walker’. Some took a step further and made ‘RIP Paul Walker’ FB pages. With the first status update as:

“Guys I m going to commit suicide. A few hours ago, I didn’t even know who Paul Walker was, but now I think that I can’t live in this world any more. I will go join him in the afterlife. Farewell world and  RIP Paul Walker.

Plz help me get this page 100000+ likes before I die of a heart-attack”

Later on such thinks happen on these pages.

Click to zoom

Seriously this can’t get any worse than this. In what state of mind we are?

My  gazillion apologies to the real Paul fan. Death of anyone is a loss of great magnitude. May his family have the courage to bear of this tragedy. I didn’t made fun of him. He was a nice man and even before he died, he was raising money for a trust. I only criticize our society. They don’t say a word when great leaders, scientists and scholars die. They never change their DPs then. They don’t really feel it in their heart. They just do whats trending. I just want to say to them , not to be hypocrites.

Ending with the words of Paul Walker himself:

“If one day the speed kills me, do not cry because I was smiling”


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