No I am not talking about this stupid show on Cartoon Network… Why you people always get me wrong…
In the world of today others take advantage of your politeness. Yesterday I was just cleaning my room—to make it Messi again—My apologies to Barsa fans for any spelling mistake, because I m just a human and humans make mistakes. Where was I? (Pause…Long Pause)…. Yes I was telling you about cleaning my room—yup I do such good thing every once in a while. So as this angel (that’s me) was working I noticed that a fly was trying to bug me—actually it was pretty good at it—you can know how I felt because reading this stupid blog gives you the same feeling—being bugged. I tried to ignore this small creature which was just trying to make a big difference. But it had already made up its mind to test my patience. While I was just thinking to take extreme measures it left me, only to get attention towards a glass of water. From its notions of flying around the glass it was clear that it was having dirty thoughts about water—flies are dirty you know , bacteria and germs I mean. I could have allowed it to take a bath in it but I thought there is no place for a clean fly in this world. Before it could perform its acrobatic dive I covered the glass with my college ID card. I looked toward the fly with an evil smile. ‘your dirty plans are not gonna work around here’. May be that fly took my unspoken words too seriously. Making plans for vengeance, it left me, only to attack when I was near high score mark of ‘Temple Run’. It tried to go in my ear as if it was its uncle’s house. The game was lost—now I had every right to blame it. I was in a mixed emotion of anger and loss. I looked towards the fly with blood glowing in my eyes – if its not too extreme – I picked up my Chemistry text book and I was like “ok –dash- you have left me no choice”. Seeing my eyes thirsty for its blood – only if insects have blood – it tried to make a desperate escape from the window, I threw the book…. (slow motion for better effect). It survived marginally and escaped. My Chemistry book struck to the wall. I few pages came out. I fell to my knees and picked it in my hands (sad emotional scene) and although it was my ‘chemistry’ book I felt sorry for it. I put my head out of the window, muttering in my mouth  I cursed that fly for life.                                                                                       As the ‘baad-dua’ of chemistry book will not let it live a peaceful life again and it will remain haunted till internity, i seen no reason for its return. But even if it did, I am planning to use a thermo-nuclear weapons next time. Suggestions required.


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