When Admins go crazy

I had just started university when i heard the news of OHTs (one hour torture) coming up in 5th week. In the 4th week rumors began to circulate that OHTs will be in 6th week. Actually the first news was fake. It was only to play with our minds. University Admins had planned to tell us the truth on friday (last day of week) but due to an unfortunate event both thursday and friday were off. Till sunday night we had no idea if there will be an OHT in the morning or not. but meanwhile I was satisfied that if I drown whole class will be joining me.

So I slept without an answer. (Meanwhile the univ admins were like “haha let them burn in suspense). As I woke I heard that curfew was extended to monday, so another day off….

Fast forward to next week when we got the date-sheet. It was provider to us by admin to act as a panic trigger but it was not so for me. Actually i was excited about it and our CR (a helping fella) was so excited that he even made a proper table of it and posted it in our FB group.

Days flew and the test day came. Day started bad. Woke late, no breakfast, ran to catch van. missed, took taxi, stopped at univ gate. joined class mates at 8:15, got bad news that OHT is at 8:30. (on date-sheet it was 9:30).

Auditorium (aka. audi) at 8:30——–> OHT will be at 9:30

Library 9:20—————-> OHT wiill be at 3pm

Library 9:27—————–> OHT is in session right now in audi

Ran to audi

9:30 to 9:40 stand still

9:45, take hard-boards and have a seat

10am——————> run away OHT at 3pm

Fast forward to 3pm. (where m i? is it even real?)

3:10——- test started

I still don’t know if it was a dream or reality. May be i will wake up in the english class…..as some friend will say “dude wake up, the lecture is over, next is our OHT”


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