Blast from the past

Yesterday a friend of mine was listening to an old song “hoya pyar pyar pyar”. The tone gave me a childish feel to my heart. before i could speek he told me that he first heard this song on ‘channel 3’ when he was a kid. It was the same with me. I also had heard it while waiting for my favourite show “Beast Wars” on channel 3.

Although i haven’t heard the song for so long time, but that jaguar car and its tyres came to my mind. It felt so touchy, acting as a trigger to my memories. I remember everything, those were summer vacation days. After playing cricket all day, me sitting with my brother and cousins at our village house. It was our longue and we were sitting with a bulky, heavy TV in front of us. We cudnt miss that show for the worlds, because it was special. Actually every kid’s show was special those days because they were limited. At 7:05am, a 15min episode of tom and jerry, anamaniax, or dexter’s labaratory daily. Or a 30 min Moglie (jungle boy) series on saturday. All in the morning show “Roshan Pakistan” which later changed to “rising Pakistan” (both hosted by Taufeeq Nasir). Also a 5min lesson on how to draw. Later ‘beast wars’ , ‘laren and hardy- animated’, ‘ainak wala jin’ at 6pm. Every morning the hot talk in school was about ‘ainak wala jin’ story line, because every boy and girl in my class was a fan of it. There was no xbox or play station, and a kid with gameboy was considered lucky. Our parents didn’t let us play snake or ‘ball wali game'(bounce) on their ‘nokia’ phone, because we used to press buttons with full force hoping it will make it jump higher. My first computer was in grade 3 or 4, a pentium 3 gifted by my maternal uncle. I was amoung a few in our school to have it. The games we used to play were like: tip-top, hide and seek, chor-siphai, baji-baji, corla-chapati, chum-chum-chum, barf-pani, shitapoo, akar-bakar, yasoo-panjoo, ludo, snakes and ladders. carromboard and many many others. Our imagination was so  wild so powerful. Buying eid cards for the whole class and all teachers, but making special cards for best friend and favourite teacher.

Those small birthday parties we used to have in school by sharing our lunch with the birthday kid. Dreaming stupid and crazy things to do ‘when grow up’. Swearing to your crying friend to kill the teacher who slapped him/her and making up mind to bomb her house with F16 when we will grow up to be a pilot. (later completely forgetting about it in a minute or two). Great times they were , great times indeed. But they will never come back and that’s what make them so special to us.

I think we were lucky to be born in 90s. Now i m a university student and have friends from around Pakistan. To some extent, we share the same childhood. It feels so good to talk about your childhood memories with a new friend and it feels even better when both share the same thoughts.

When our little cousins will grow up, what will they talk about their childhood? There are so many channels, cartoons all the time, gaming consoles, comics. every kid have his/her own likes and dislikes. when they will grow up they won’t be able to talk to someone about their childhood like we do. Everybody believe to have the best childhood and it will be the same with them. My grand-father thinks, we are unlucky for not being able to see the days of traveling circus or yearly festivals or the fun games they used to play in his childhood. But rationally speaking, the 90s kids had the best childhood EVER.

Update: Video


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