All that glitters, is not mango

This story is inspired by real life events. (not necessarily true)

Once upon a time, in a university far far away, there was a young-man. One day he wished he could taste mango in winters. Mangoes in winters? how insane? he thought for a second. Should I talk about it with someone else? ‘No, everyone will laugh at me and think i’m stupid’ he thought. But his love was true. He had made up his mind, so he kept silent and started his journey. People looked at his face, friends came to distract him, there were stairs and barriers  on his way, but he kept going. And finally he reached there. It was the university’s tuc-shop. Quickly he searched the freezers but could not find any mango drink. He asked the shop-keeper ‘where are they?’. He told him that they have just finished.

It was all over for him. He wanted to run till the edge of the world and cry “why? why? why me?”. But he kept it to himself. Then the shop-keeper said, ‘few bottles of ‘slice’ are  there’. Reluctantly he bought one and came out of tuc-shop. ‘Its also a mango juice’ he told himself and opened the bottle. Time seemed to stop. His mind fought a battle within as the bottle came near his mouth. Just one sip and the next moment the bottle was on the side bench. And the young-man? Well… he was never seen again. “”Some say he died, but i don’t believe it. I think he is still out there””, drinking more and more water to force that taste out of his throat. But in his suffering he is always planning vengeance. ‘”‘Because he never forgave, because he never forgot'”‘.


A Public Service Message to all Pakistan-kind


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