Mindless TVCs

The only watchable ads these days are ufone, master paints and zara sochiya. I stopped watching TV with my parents (except cricket match) only because of all the glittery and colourful crap ads. But i don’t want to get my hands dirty by typing about them. So i have only picked the stupid ones.

QMobile M400

QMobile is maintaining its repo of making the most different but odd tvc every time. Recently they have ‘the savior of the world’ and ‘metal body badmash’. But this is the ad i hate the most. Its because during every cricket match even before the last ball is properly bowled, i hear the words

“Sir  toh  phir  nikalain  chabis  soow”

I like the confidence of this guy. He is literally selling his used mobile, to his boss, in the price even higher than the new one.

Lipton Teabags: The revolution of tea is here

Lipton is here with the ‘unique’ teabag concept. First everyone is shocked by the possibility of 3 types of tea at the same time. The mechanism is complex but its easily explained in the TVC. The more you dip it, the more stronger the tea tastes. Its an revolutionary idea. The possibilities are countless. One of which is saving friendships. Now who would have thought of that?. I salute those who made this TVC, real genius. I will suggest them to go to a mental hospital and meet other genius people of their kind.

Safeguard: Changing lives

Safeguard is doing a great job by visiting school and teaching children, how to wash hands. A mother is shown saying: “I am thankful to safeguard, as it taught Alia (her daughter) how to wash hands”. (Yes, the kid is going to school already and look like 9-10 years old but he didn’t know how to wash hands). I wonder what will happen to those school kids where safeguard team will not visit? If they have mothers like one shown in the TVC, then they will never know the ancient art of hand washing.



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