Paint ads…!

*I wrote this 2 weeks before elections, in my personal journal. Now it’s time have come to go public so I have made a few minor changes to make it read better*

Due to a recent uproar of many paint ads on all mainstream TV channels, one may think there have been an acid-rain in the area recently. All the colors have washed away and now people are desperate to buy paints. Obviously there is no such thing. Many houses have their paint peeling and fading. Some are to the extent of being declared ‘haunted’. But what are these people waiting for? and why are suddenly so many paint ads going alive? The answer is that, wall may survive any acid rain but they can’t survive elections. Elections are 2 weeks away and fever is raising high.  The trend of banners, layers of posters and spray paint ‘calligraphy’ is in the air. It will not end on election day. After that there will be protest rallies, walls will be covered with slogans and street lads will fill the leftover areas of walls with immoral words they learn from bollywood. And finally this storm will end with an artistic, master-piece city completion. This is the green signal for us, saying, “people now you can have your house painted”.

For the count, there are 7 different paint manufacturers with 20+ TVCs. Master paints is in the lead with 9 ads, Diamond paints on second place with 6 ads, Dulux with 5, Burger with 3 and Brighto and Nippon with one ad each. But all these ads have one thing in common; paint that last a lifetime (the kids grow-up, but the wall behind is still the same. and the parents are smiling at the wall rather than childhood pics of their kids). Secondly “silky smooth walls which stand the stains of water colors, ink, tea, cold drinks and dust (wow cool feature). Indirectly, they want us to believe that no poster will stand on the walls with their paint on it. But they didn’t mentioned the powerful poster-glue. If you really want to protect your walls against this story, let me narrate you a personal experience.  At the side wall of our town mosque was printed, “please apply posters on this wall only” and as a result there was no sign of any poster on that wall while others were filled with it. some people write the opposite thing and have the condition get worse.

Both the election and paint seasons are a blessing for labors and painters. They are more busy than ever these days, raising slogans in rallies, attending ‘jalsas’ and signing poster and banner contracts. These days their time is more precious than the caretaker PM. They work from dawn to dusk, creating master-pieces on our walls, knowing “DaVinci never rest”. They are the first priority and the first demand of every political party. Its the only time in 5 years when leaders give something to poor people. If elections come every year, it can end poverty in our country.

Election days are like cricket fever days. But the only difference is that cricket unites and politics divides. Those who believe an elected government will come and change our country for good, I suggest them not to believe in false hopes. If you want hope, better go to a school or a mosque.


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