Better ask a cave-man

They say, “A busy person have all the time in the world, while a lazy person never have any.” Yes it sounds stupid to me too. Who says this? Wanna know? Then say hi to our English Language teacher. Yeah she is always like this. That’s why a prefer to sleep.

University life teaches you many things, but rarely are they worth it. So if it accidentally teaches you something good, you better accept it with all your heart. Two months into it and it has taught me, the ancient art of “time management”. It is said that “if you want to learn time management, you better ask a cave-man”(obviously i made this up). So I asked a cave-man.

Me: Hellow sir!

Caveman: baha baha hbaha ruwhf grebsb hsfsbfa  cebfrvfbvv.

Me: someone sent me here to ask for your acdive, oh the wise cave-man.

caveman: baha hahgff fghkjdhgr euhfvgvrhf rghgrkbrb (this time his accent was different)

Me: Give me some of your wisdom and guide me to the path of better time management.

Caveman: ahfkhfhh jfagjfgsg hsgfgsf

My world changed. There was a time when I used to watch Harry Potter movies and Star Wars episodes, dozens of times for the sake of record. But now I think that “art is long and life is short”. The world is full of so many good novels, movies and tv-series, that I can’t possibly waste time watching the old ones again and again. So now if I watch something twice, its because its worth it.

I feel it better to run than to walk alone, because every second is worth saving. And with all the time it saves me, I can read something good, watch something better or listen something new. All this time is worthless when it comes to studies. Its a busy busy world, no time for hatred or anger. But exams are there to make sure we don’t get devoid of these certain human emotions. I really have time issues, now if I can only find another cave-man.


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