Parents are super-human

Bus at front gate and you can’t find your school tie. Look everywhere, can’t find it, ask your mom, she points to the hanger and there it is. Now you can swear you checked the closet twice and it wasn’t there, but its there and you can’t deny it. Ever wonder how she do that? How mothers always know which particular thing is at what particular spot in the house?


You have a secret, a secret only you know and then you have your parents talking about it. How so?. You have a bad day, no matter how hard you try not to show it, they always know it for granted. You hide something, say your class tests, somewhere you think no one can find. But 5 mins after hiding them you see your parents examining them. Sometimes they may stun you by talking about what you were just thinking. Other times they don’t say it but its obvious that they know. Sometimes they knows exactly what problem you have but they let you handle it on your own. Other times they may not seem like giving suggestion, but can implant an idea in your head, without you knowing it. These things happen in childhood, because our parents want us to know that we don’t need to hide anything from them. So its better to open up to them. But when we grow up, they respect our privacy and ego. This doesn’t mean they don’t know, actually now then know us more than ever before. They know us better than we know ourselves.

But the question is, How? How can one possibly know someone else, so much?. The only possible explanation is that parents are super-humans.

*Meme from FB


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