What’s wrong with this world?

Seriously, what’s really wrong with this world? Yesterday I asked a friend if he have watched the last episode of season 3 of ‘sherlock’. Now that was the most hot talk going around the world at that time.  (because ‘sherlock’ series  left us for an year, last night). And I was of the impression that everyone watches it. But what was the reply I got?

“sherlock? who’s sherlock?”

I thought he was joking, but replied anyway (smiling) :  “Sherlock… Sherlock Holmes”

“Oh that one, the one english teacher was talking about…. seriously what is it?”

I was speechless. I wanted to run away to Mars and never come back. I only told him that sherlock is not an “it” but a “he” , a person. And “the adventures of sherlock holmes” is a novel maam was talking about”.   I deemed it better not to explain much and silenced.

Its not the first time it have happen to me. Every time I ask someone about: “hay! did you watched that …” or “did you read that…?” or “do you know about ….” or anything else, I get the same ‘reply’ over and over again “what’s that?” And now I am used to it.

Now one can easily find game of thrones or bollywood fans, but finding one with same taste as mine is very very difficult. But I don’t care, its a lone world for me. But alas those poor souls; deep down there I will always be wishing things to get better for them.


4 thoughts on “What’s wrong with this world?

  1. ha ha, maybe not everyone is interested in watching tv shows, i personally am a fan of Sherlock but never watched even a single episode of it, although i watched the movie series featuring Robert Downey Jr.

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