Geeks and Nerds

Like many other misconceptions, many people consider geeks and nerds as one and the same… Today I will like to ask if they really should think so?


By Definition:

A nerd is defined as “One whose IQ exceeds his weight.”

Geek is defined as “A person who likes to know everything about his particular interest”.

By Academic Records:

While nerds like to study and have impressive grades, geeks take studies as a burden and are mostly average scoring.

By Interests:

While nerds about computers, programming and studies. Geeks talk about anime, star wars, androids, video games, sci-fi and fantasy.

Pittsburgh engineer Burr Settles studied the language of 2.6 million tweets to discover the geekiest and nerdiest words and topics. The further along the horizontal axis, pictured, a word appeared, the more nerdy it was. The higher a word appeared on the vertical, y-axis, the more it was associated with being a geek.

By Dressing:

Geeks like to dress up as “cool”. With statements and fashion pattern t-shirts.They want to show their obsession to their favourite thing. Nerds just keep things straight and simple (and un-cool).

By Attitude:

Nerds don’t like to be called so (unless they are not actual nerds). Geeks actually don’t care but feel proud to be called geek.


Glasses are common in both but nerds have spectacles (glasses for weak eyesight) while some geek put on thick geeky glasses even without any eye sight problem, just to look cool.

Social Activities:

Both are less social or antisocial. However they hangout more than occasionally with people of their own kinds. But a geek and nerd are not likely to be together. Geeks consider themselves more cool, developed and superior species. Nerds on the other are considered uncool by all.

Public Response:

When someone calls someone else a nerd, it obviously an insult. But if someone calls other a geek, it is up to the person how he takes it. (Although it kinda works the same way for both)


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