Brother vs Brother

I am not starting a shia-sunni debate here. Its just as simple as that, my brother is a gamer and I am an amature writer. And we were debating which one is on the better side. (Although I lost the conversation but thats why I am making this post- to say what I should have said).


I was a gamer, real gamer. There are a lot of games I have ended or played with my friends. But after I started blogging, I limited it to such a degree that now I can’t call myself a real gamer anymore. I am just a casual gamer now. (Unless you blog about gaming, it’s very difficult to keep up with both at the same time). I think writing something online or in your personal journal is somewhat more of a proof; that you did something creative. Obviously games teach us a lot too. I am not saying they aren’t productive (Obviously I don’t want an angry mob coming after me). But something written acts as a better reminded to your time-well-spent.

Gamers and bloggers belong to the same kind. I don’t want a clash here. Also one should not bother about what the others think, but please give it a thought and let me know what you think.


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