Life of a bollywood song

In the Indo-Pak subcontinent, clothes have more lives than a cat. Clothes newly bought for a special occasion eg Eid are worn with the confidence of “I am the most good looking person alive”. Few days later it becomes the party dress. Months later a casual dress. An year later the sleeping suit. Another year later the dusting cloth and then the floor cleaner. Then thrown away at the dumpster where it is burnt. The End.

Same is the case here with bollywood songs. They come like a flash, like everyone is listening to a single song (no matter how immoral its lyrics are). Few days later the fever fades, and in some weeks it becomes the party song. Months later it can be heard in suzuki vans. An year later it reaches the speakers of a far off village tractor. This stage is synonym to death for a song, because in a tractor speaker, the actual song gets buried under the noise. Its all noise and no play kind of situation. Thus the song reaches its unheard stage. ah Fate is a dirty thing to be messed with.


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