Book of fate, omens and destiny


This world is a strange place, but strange in a good way. In this strangeness lies the beauty of this world. Things happen every day, but sometimes some simple things happen in such dramatic ways, that they carry a story in themselves.

Today, I finally have the honor to read an amazing book -“The Alchemist”. And even though it’s a simple thing to do i.e. reading a book, it carries its tale along with it.

Everything have a tale of its own. It only takes a clear mind to hear the unheard.

6 years ago when I was at school, we had an essay writing competition on the topic, “look towards the sun and the shadow will fall back”. The event was in a week and my favorite teacher (Class teacher + English teacher) gave me a book -“The Alchemist” to prepare for it. I had planned to read the book in a couple of days (i.e. the weekend) before the competition. Unfortunately I fell ill and couldn’t read it. Entered the competition and got 2nd. Soon I forgot about the book and it found its way from my cupboard to my father’s.

Years passed, without me having recollection of it. Then just two months ago we had to speak on the topic -“From non-reading to reading”. A class-fellow mentioned the words “The-Alchemist”. I felt so ashamed for not reading the book and made a decision that ‘I will go home and read that book, today, no matter what’.  As I reached home that day, the first thing I did was to ask my mother about the book. She told me 2-3 locations but I couldn’t find it. Searched the whole place twice without any luck. Finally my mother suggested the possibility that I might have moved to the book collection at our village house along with other of my father’s books. I silently prayed for it to be true. I could get an e-book in an instant from the internet, but that book was special. I make up my mind that if I am to read “the alchemist”, it would be the book my teacher gave me.

So as soon as I got semester break, I went to village home and found the book along with Eid and birthday cards from my primary school friends. Such a relief with a breeze from the past, it really felt out of this world. Read the whole book in a single sitting. The more I read the book the more it bound me in its words. Omens, luck, fate and destiny. After finishing it, I didn’t wish (as you may presume) that if I had read this book earlier I would have won the first prize. I am not like that “if’ or ‘would have” kind of a person. Nor I felt bad for not reading it for such a long time or almost losing a precious gift. I simply feel happy that I have finally read it as its never too late to learn something good .

The path we follow may be as simple as me getting a book and reading it, to reading it 6 years later with so many people I owe a “thank you”. I owe a thank you to my teacher for introducing it to me, to the class-fellow for reminding me of it (however unintentionally) , to my  father for keeping it safe, to my mother to set me on the right track to find it and specially to Allah for writing it in my fate . May be its the effect of book upon me as I have just finished reading it, but now that I see it, this small tale of mine is much like the tale of the Shepherd. Its like the shepherd who had the longer but better path with more characters involved and more people he owe a ‘thanks’. This way it will leave a more prominent memory in my mind then it would have left otherwise and this blog of mine adds as a reminder to it.

I will strongly suggest all of you to ‘make time’ rather than waiting for time to give you some space (that never happens), and read this amazing book.

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