Pyaray Afzal

*Quick Suggestion: Don’t waste your time reading this post. Just go and watch this.

Note: This review is written after the 6th episode.



# Boring Stuff #

Currently family entertainment is out of fashion. Me and my brother watch tv only for cricket and football matches, father watch news and talk shows, mother and sister watch dramas and little brother is a nickelodeon fan. But still we find something which everyone can watch together after dinner. (except father, he watches only news shows).

My sister said on the first day that “Zindagi gulzar hai” is gonna be a hit, so we watched all the episodes from first to last day and it was really a good drama. Then I suggested “Aik nai cinderella” at first episode and it developed into a great story. When “Pyaray Afzal” started, my brother suggested it and nowadays we watch it.



Everyone have his/her own reason to like it. I like it because there is no sibling rivalry, it tells the story of real life siblings with no drama involved. Also no ‘over dramatization’. The dialogues are none like you have ever heard before. Each line is a work of poetry.

Its not strictly a love story. A ‘one sided love’ you can say but its a story with a feel of its own. I story of family values and relationships.


You have every reason to like it. What I like the most is the powerful script, the dialogues, just peerless. The character Afzal is the son of ‘Molvi sahab’. He got into gambling in beginning but he is a bad liar, cannot lie in front of a mosque or his parents. A man of his word, with respect and dignity for women and the elderly. He likes Farah but she don’t even know him. He gets letters from his fantasy character and all of them start with the words “Pyaray Afzal”.

Farah is the symbolic eastern girl who is studying and wants to go abroad for higher studies, but her parents want her to get married first. She is daughter of a wealthy father but well raised with no sense of superiority upon others. (although she say low about others a few times but later feels sorry). The sisters of both the characters are best friends. The sibling relationship show on both sides is that of love and trust. They keep others secrets and look out for each other without saying it.


Thats the drama I wanted. An ‘all humans’ drama with a unique story line. Every person is ‘good’ and none the ‘evil’. Also every episode contains a hidden message along with social norms with a religious and pure eastern touch. All the characters are so alive.┬áIt is one of those few dramas where all the actors succeed in breaking the wall between themselves and their roles. The drama is perfect in every sense. A must watch indeed.


5 thoughts on “Pyaray Afzal

  1. I loved this drama Hamza abbasi and sana Javed are perfect. But this Karachi story is getting boring. It will not end well. Nice blog anyways

    1. but I am still in hope.. It was afzal’s destiny to be a “bara aadmi”. He will be a successful and wealthy person and then will return to hyderabad and then hopefully there will be a happy ending

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