A letter to the President

Dear Mr.President,

Whatever your name is, (lets say *Ishq-e-Mamnoo*) you are a bad president. Only if you are a president at all, rather you are alike that MF370, everyone knows you are there, but nobody knows where.

Hope you are well entertained where ever you are, but where is our entertainment? Zardari was hell of a president, always in our news feeds and text messages. Its a parliamentary system of democracy here, where PM is the king and President is the court joker. You are missing your court responsibilities.

If you are afraid of the camera or scared of people, because your have facial resemblance with bloody Indians and speak like a wild African, then you really need to know that its true. Do your job or let someone else handle it. Don’t be like Pakistan cricket team who neither bats, nor let anyone else bat.

If you are looking for suggestions for hiring a president, than Amir Liaqat seems like a nice choice to me. He is a religious scholar, an anchor, a singer, an actor (you know the reference) and god knows what else he is. He can dance, he can rattle, although he cannot juggle but he will learn it from the ‘ganaja brothers’. Look how high is the rating of his show. What more you need for a president.

Hope the Govt. won’t let us die of Political boredom or lack of ^ kind of presidential messages.




*This ‘ishq-e-mamnoo joke really belongs to Azizi of hasb-e-hal. Plus #MF370 joke is from a FB meme. Cant take anyone else’s credit.


4 thoughts on “A letter to the President

  1. hahaha……………..
    Echouniform, Good one.
    I liked it. but did a small mistake in your sentex, and do avoid them.

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