Defining love


Don’t know who the hell  came up with the ideas for stories like heer-ranja, romeo-juliet or sasi-pino etc, but the major question is that why the hell they got famous. These totally misleading things along with typical  indo-pak movies and novels are destroying the true meaning of love.

Love is care. That’s what human love is. But animal love is to fight with everyone who stand in your way to get your love and cast away your life if you can’t.

When a person love someone he knows that both are humans. He knows all own good and bad aspect but only his bad aspects get prominent to him. But the imperfection of the loved one is a new definition of perfection for him. Both these ideas make him unworthy of his loved one.

You don’t have to get what you want, that’s what the love teaches you. The success of a lover lies in the fact that the other one is happy. To love someone it is not even necessary to know the others name, nor is it necessary that the love should be both sided. The purpose of a lover is to keep the other happy even at the cost of own life and help without showing off or trying to be a hero.

Of course if you have that person it will be more easier for you to keep your loved one happy for life, but giving away your life for not getting that person is disrespect of love. One should rather stay alive and make sure to keep the other happy from a distance. Is it better to die than to see the other smile everyday. The trend of dying together (as introduced by media) is also pathetic. You rather live and make your loved one immortal by writing a book or making a masterpiece portrait.

In the end one must know that the greatest of all love is the love of Allah for his creation. Then is the love of a mother for his child and third is the love of father and then the siblings. These are all pure and nonparallel true loves. Never let anyone tell you that loves means to ‘get the girl’ even if you have to leave the whole world. Its the greatest lie of them all. Media lies trying to deface true love. If your love bring one tear in your parent’s eyes than it not true love. That’s the biggest clue you can have.

If you ask Google, it will tell you that you are in love when:

  • You met that person accidentally, the first time (in 90% cases)
  • Get nervous in front of that person.
  • Try to impress even unintentionally.
  • Check that person’s Facebook wall for hours, for no reason.
  • Your eyes accidentally meet more than twice in a day but you look away quickly.
  • When you make a joke and everyone laugh, your face unintentionally turns to check if that person smiled too.
  • When you can’t stop thinking about that person at times when you really need to focus on something important.
  • etc etc etc etc etc

But non of it is true. Some people may show these symptoms for a whole lot of people and some may have such for a new person every week. Some people (mostly friends) call me ‘gay’ to tease me, because I almost never talk about girls. I just reply with a funny comment, but to be true, I simply believe in the fact that I must rise above my human self and break the ties of foolishness. Why waste your time thinking about someone when you can watch a movie, make a meme, read a book or write your diary or blog post, in the same time. A person like me, who believes that sleeping is a waste of time and shorten’s one’s life, if falls in love, simply mean that he won’t be happy for the rest of his life. Alas sasi-pino, heer-ranja and romeo-juliet came in this world and went away leaving so many books unread.

With uncles, aunts, grand parents, parents and siblings.. all of them who truly love you, if you still think its not enough you can fall in love with a new book, painting or tv-series everyday. And if you want life long relationship, why not start a blog.

Rise above animals, rise above humans and look beyond this galaxy.


They say that those who like My Facebook Page have better and successful relationships. (Don’t know who ‘they’ are because I have just made it up myself). But its worth trying.

Does it?

Not necesssarily


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