Yo! PtV SpOrTs BabY

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I curse the day PtV started a sports channel. But they started to suck at every media field like entertainment and news etc and didn’t wanted to leave sports behind. It was one of those days when one of your friend call you (which never happens–only text) and tell “hay bro PtV is starting a new sports channel. So at this greatest occasion in the history of Pakistan I am throwing a party”. Then one among many of these parties, everyone gets drunk and dies dancing free style. (this also obviously never happen)

So you are happy that a Pakistani channel have finally started. (although we have geo super but that doesn’t count). And they start EPL coverage (which they cut from Star sports), all football lovers thought “oh yes, finally no more hindi or english channels”.

But shit just gets real when you realize that its an English channel, using english words which 99.99% of their viewers can’t understand.(other 0.01% be those retards who checked these words in dictionaries). Only one comment on this; a friend of mine: “PtV walay english ki jo maa behan kartay hain utni toh kabi Meera nahi b nahi kee” (Implied Meaning: Even Meera have better english words usage sense than PtV sports ads. At-least one knows what she is talking about).

And who the hell comes up with the set designs of their expert talk shows? Must be hanged for abusing interior designing. Trust me, you go on a drive from Lahore to khushab and you will find better looking heavy-vehicle-drivers’ tea khokas on the way.


Don’t know what this couple do there all day. Seriously they never go home, they are there 24/7 as if they are on a house exile by their wives. But it is from a reliable source (not necessarily real) that a wizard (no, not Gandalf. must be the director) glued Nauman Niazi (left) to his chair and told him that if he keeps speaks english in a punjabi accent his curse will break, he will be free from his chair, have great hair, money, life, wife and children etc (its a long list). He may not get any of these but it is a strong possibility that meanwhile he might do some serious damage to his jaws.

What have I ever done in my life to deserve to watch a match on PtV were the first and the last ball of the over doesn’t count. A regular viewer may thing on an over to be of 4 balls. During the match break in a commercial show, we watch a batsman hitting the first ball of the over and later at the last ball of the over as the ball gets close to the batsman the match break finishes. Wish PtV had longer match breaks.

The Verdict: PtV sports is crap and its regular views are a bunch of retards. It is as much of a Pakistani channel as 8xm.


The photo edit in the first pic have nothing to do with Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah (RA)’s saying. Its directed only to PtV sports Follow me on Facebook for more


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