The Cavalry of Doom

“You get something when you loose something”. Whoever said it must be a genius person. (Or someone good at rhyming). But its the natural cycle of things. Seasons change and so does the semesters. (note the odd contrast). 3 days into the new semester and its already giving me nightmares “The cavalry is coming to get you”.

Here is the Cavalry:

Lets have a look starting with the old one. Hay don’t ever think he is an old buddy. (to break the most shocking fact, he is even younger than IT sir and ED sir- someone told me this, even still I am shocked ). Old because he is our only teacher of 1st semester. He is the kind of teacher who’s lecture you may not understand, but his voice is like music to your ears and the lectures the songs. Even if the lyrics are in Urdu you have a feeling of listening to an English rap. (no one and I mean no one, will know the english/urdu difference). He knows guitar and always welcomes if anyone wants to have some lessons. The way he walk, they way he talks, the way he is, he is inches away from becoming a rap artist. All he lacks is a beat and some rap-fashion accessories. Sometimes as he gives us lecture I fantasize him jamming all the way around like a concert and it feels great. (Try it yourself, but you would need a lots of imagination. About 98% of it). Although he is also strict with the grades and others don’t like him for that, but still he is my favorite teacher yet. I still don’t know why, but I know he is.

After two lectures of “Communication skills” what I learnt is that all lady English teachers at ist have these similar traits:

  1. They are not good with the electronics; like computer or projector etc.
  2. They forget what they said in the earlier lecture and may repeat it again, twice, thrice or may be more than that without knowing it.
  3. They keep recalling their teaching experience.
  4. They like it to be called “old ladies.” (which is rather unlikely for women)
  5. And the most unique behavior. They declare the text book to be compulsory, “plz do buy this text book everyone, everyone should have it in the next lecture”, but still they tell us to get some specific pages photocopied from their book.

This pretty much sums up both of them, packed with a lots of greatness. BTW although her name is new to me, but it comes so easy on tongue as if I grew up pronouncing this name.

Then is our LCA sir. Well messing with a person like this is like call your death. If you think you can be 3 mins late and still get a seat in the class? then you are mistaken. He won’t let 3 min late students into the final exam and you expect a petty class. You wish. To survive the class, come on time and know the only rule, ‘he is always and I mean always the right one’. He have so  much qualifications and experience that  if you tried to argue, you will only see his darker side. And trust me, you don’t want that.

Could not get to know much about LCA-lab sir because 1) I was in the wrong group. 2) I was sitting miles away from him. But one thing is for sure. He is like a (on offence) “baram dakoo” (a robber who tells his target before getting it and challenge the police “catch me if you can). The choice he gave us on exam and checking was like “would you like to die by a chopper (neck cut off) or the gallows (hanged). And our class almost had a riot on that which was latter solved by referendum. But he is also a nice person, “you want me to play nice, play nice, because if you play dirty then I will make it real messy for you”. So do as he want you to do and be on is good side.

You know a cool person when you see him. You know the type. Those muscular, biceps, six packs kinda ppl, wide blue eyes, amazing personality with an impressive sense of humor, care free, like “hAy yo ppl ! u cAn submiT aSsigNmeNts aNy tiMe yOu wAnt aNd JuSt doNt worRy aBouT ExAms” . You got the picture. Well our A-man is just the opposite of it. Plus also he is scary, deadly and stone cold. First day is supposed to be “no study day” but some people just have no respect for social customs and trends. Its just what the gypsies say “Old soul, new body”.   (BTW ‘What are matrices doing in algebra? ….. It will remain a mystery for the rest of my life). Lots of respect for him and all. I just wonder how lucky they are to be my teachers. (or may be its the other way around)


P.S: 2nd sem is already known as “the death bed” by seniors and with this “cavalry of doom”, it is doom. Allah g plz be with me, always. (others can say their prayers in comments 😉 )

Hot on Campus

Guys as the new session have started, I am starting a “Hot on Campus” section at the end of each blog post. It will include all the new and trending or ‘worth mentioning’ things at my campus. But I will write it at random so everyone can enjoy it, even if they don’t understand the reference.

Today I would only like to share a joke. This morning as ***** (a close friend) met me, he said “yar ma tumain kia batown kal meri raat kis mushkil saay guzri….. ma kal nahi sow saka, iss 2nd sem ki tension saay. kuch samaj nahi aa raha in lectures ka………. (some text missing)……” Now the best part is that we hadn’t read anything by then… Some people, they just never…… —wont say more or i’m dead. Later perhaps


5 thoughts on “The Cavalry of Doom

  1. nice, very nice writing.
    You have explained everything in a beautiful manner.
    But you should not forget to write IST in Upper case letters, and you have also no translated your friends message in English………………………

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