Class Guzarnay k 101 Tareekay

Translation: 101 ways to shorten a lecture

Hundreds of million students all over the world are the victims of bore lectures and forced classes. Such mental torture is a usual thing for normal students, but even the most nerdy ones sometimes feel crying for mercy. But not anymore. This blog is the answer to all of your classroom boredom issues.

After one week of experiments conducted by expert back-benchers, the following methods have a GO GO GO licence at all level. While the * are only for university students.

Things you will need:

Laptop, mobile, wifi connection, snacks, bubble gums etc…. or you can do with a  lots of imagination.

Research was done in uncontrolled natural environment at IST classrooms.

DAY-1: *Silent Movie

Go to the last bench of the class, turn on our smartphone/laptop/tablet and watch a silent movie… (in our case it was Charlie chaplin’s The Kid)….. 40 min movie , 45 min lecture… killer idea … success level 100%.

You can also play a game or use facebook etc.

DAY-2: Draw comics or Write Poetry

For pointless lectures like English lang etc, its always a good idea to make good use of time by doing something creative. Comic drawing is one of the most ancient and successful method ever invented. If you are a poetic soul than write something. Research says that the best ideas come to your mind in classroom and exam hall. or you can chew bubble gums and think about life, time, love and other philosophical phenomenas.

DAY-3: Fantasize

You can fantasize your classroom to be something else. eg. We had our class as a metal jam rock concert, the teacher the singer and the students the audience. but it is only possible if you have very strong imagination and also the teacher and others have some supporting features to your fantasy. In our case it was … so success level reached 85-90%

Day-4: Mimicking

One of our friend posed as the teacher and other 2 as 2 specific students in the class.

“sir ya wala samaj nahi aaya”

“kia samaj nahi aaya ?”

“sir kuch b samaj nahi aaya”

“sir plz ya repeat kar dain”

“lett mee tell you one thin … u cannot sayy… the intructttttooorr .. who iz alrdy doin hiss jab”

etc ***lots of laughter****


You can also make fun of fellow students without them knowing it. eg. we have a friend in our class who always try to impress/help girls. So we call him in girly voices “A****” and 9.5/10 times he turns with a big smile on his face and look towards where the girls are sitting. Meanwhile we laugh to death.

DAY-5: Aman Ramzan

That day was rather unexpected. Back to back lecture and lunch break got destroyed in COPYing an assignment. Last lecture and empty stomach. Here is how it started…..

1: Bohat zor kee bhook lagi ha yar…

2: Mujay b… yun lag raha ha jasay roza rakha hua ha

3: lecture kab khatam ho ga..

1: sabr kar lala abi roza khulnay ma ghanta ha

2: subah say bethay hain owr waqt guzar hee nahi raha

3: Samosay khanay ka dil kar raha ha

2: sath ma milk shake…**** he acts as if he is drinking it in one time

3: pani kam peena pakoray b khanay hain

1: yar ya fruit chart idnar karna

2: khajoorain toh bhool hee gaay kameeno..

1: Allah g jaldi roza khul jaay

3: ***looks at the clock and makes a hooter sound**** lahore owr iss k muzafat ma magrib kee azan ha waqt ho gaya ha… baki ilako k rehnay walay apnay makami waqt k mutabak roza iftar karain… Allah-o-Akbar Allah -0- Akbar… bas hamara time b honay wala ha bas thori dair owr

******lots of compressed laughter, foreheads on table and fisting on table*** I dropped my pen and laughed behind the bench because it was unbearable*****

2: yar agay koi hamari batain sunay toh kia kahay ga ..pagal hain kia??

1: Kisi say chupana kia…. Issay toh ma apnay blog paay daloon ga…..




Well I have been thinking and I realized that there is nothing more hot on campus than ballpoint pens and tissue paper. You forget your’s home and you will never find another. Its a “1 person 1 pen” tendency here. If you put your pen somewhere and let it out of your sight for a second…. then never expect to find it again. Similarly if you find a pen than pick it up without second thought. Its an omen of good luck. Not everyone is lucky enough to find a pen in need , at my univ. And tissue paper… well if you don’t bring any… you are doomed….. (not literally :p)

Later perhaps. TC



3 thoughts on “Class Guzarnay k 101 Tareekay

  1. God!!! the boy is “keen observer”. if you can derive such a humor from a deadly boring lecture then u cn really drive a car with water . cz u r going to b engineer after all.

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