Bolo Bolo; Owr Bolo

I hate Sajjad Ali and the people who like Sajjad Ali and the songs of Sajjad Ali and the looks of Sajjad Ali and everything else with Sajjad Ali. Maybe thats enought with the word “Sajjad Ali”.

This is a video released yeastrday on the 21st anniversary of a song BOLO BOLO by “Sajjad Ali”. Ring any bells? Me neither. Maybe I saw him at Pakistan Idol (the show itself is disgrace of Pakistani Music) but its a show I don’t watch. My other memory was like “Oh woh singer jiss nay ‘Panio owr Kashteon’ wala song gaya tha”. I only remember it for that camera trick where a sofa and a TV appears from nowhere on a beach. That was ‘wow’ for a 7 year old but later I grew up to know its a cheap trick that anyone can do with a toy camera. Since that day I always confused him with the ‘PTV magician’ every Eid transmission. Maybe they are long lost twin brothers or something.


Moving on to the video. The guy is crazy. He turned himself into a 30 year old, while his 70s are obvious.  Who are you fooling with these retouch effects. The worst thing about the song is the music, but the lyrics have even pass that limit of badness. It goes like this:

bolo bolo bolo kia dekha
tumne mere mein
kia dekha
wese to chehre hazaron hain
meri udas nigahon mein tumne kia dekha

[Meaning] This guy have found something; or better say something have found this guy. He is giving out the impression that that something might be a girl friend; of which he have no chance. He can’t believe his luck as he have got a total rondu face and look like twin brother of a circus magician.

meri gari dekhi
ya mera bangla dekha
ya mera sara bank balance dekha
mere sapne dekhe
na mera jazba dekha
na mera toota hoa dil dekhaaa

[Meaning] Now he is just being shoda. Have you seen my car, my house or my bank balance (while secretly praying someone don’t ask). Later he talks about some immaterial things he have.

tumhe pyaar mujh se nahin hai
pyaar mujh se nahin hai
pyaaar mujh se nahin hai

pyaar mujh se nahin hai
pyaaar mujh se nahin hai

pyaar mujh se nahin hai
pyaaar mujh se nahin hai

mein tum se door chala jaoon
ya paas chala aoon

mein andar aa jaoon, ya bahar chala jaoon

school chala joon, ya ghar chala jaoon

And the shit continues…….

Don’t know if its even a song or did I just wasted my time.


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