TANG vs Mother’s Day

While everyone is busy posting annual selfies with their moms, there is a unnoticed force working beneath, putting questions in young minds. That force is TANG. Yes, TANG, that yuk flavored powdered thing. Here is a small peek at what its feeding to young and innocent minds.

An "Anti-Mummy Oppression" summit in session.
An “Anti-Mummy Oppression” summit in session.

1) The TVC starts with kids raising slogans [Mummy ke nahi chalay gee]^2. Meaning: Mothers are oppressors. Rise and take a stand against these dictators.

2) In the ad, mothers easily accept their children’ demands. Why? Because they are afraid of kids’ unity. Which is entirely pointless and they know it. But they put it there as food for thoughts for kids. What will their mother do to them under these circumstances? Beat them up with a chappal or a broomstick of-course. Oh the terror of that; they are the terrorists.

3) Mothers accept the demand of a  new TANG flavor everyday. (But the week is of 7 days and there are only 4 TANG flavors). Meaning: Mothers are lairs. They use deception and trickery to fool innocent children.

Final (hidden) TANG Verdict: Mothers are not to be trusted at any cost. #LongLiveTheRebellion

I demand this TVC be banned before the women rights NGOs get you.

#HappyMothersDay to all.


5 thoughts on “TANG vs Mother’s Day

  1. look at the chart boys are carrying. its not “mummi ki nahi chalay gi” it is “mummi giri nahi chalay gi” i think these kids are in a boarding school and the ladies are their teachers, and they are protesting that they should not be strict like mothers. ‘mummi giri’ you know.

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