Bubbles are always good. Be it water bubbles that children blow for fun and play, or soap bubbles which attract children who are unwilling to take a bath. But there are also bubbles that are not technically bubbles but are used to make bubbles; we call them bubble gums.

Yeah.. watch them.. aren’t they tempting you to chew

Its a sad fact that bubble gums are not allowed in our university campus. Here is the law as stated by the VC office representatives:

“Chewing gums are hereby declared haram in university territory. None is allowed to sell, trade or distribute any bubble gum or similar chewing material in the above stated region. Anyone found chewing, holding, transporting or storing such items will be expelled from the university at once. If you see one, kill at spot or call VC office.” (Text might be slightly edited for reader’s conveyance)

Thus the cafeteria department have no licence to sell bubbles. Twice it have been raided by forces on the slight smell of “fresh up” bubble gum. Yet none of these trick are able to stop the counter border trafficking of bubbles. Despite the three step through checking at main gate and using sniffing dogs that have violent response to bubble gum smell; dozens of bubbles are smuggled into the campus everyday. They are being chewed in every class room and lab.


But the question is, why? why go through all this trouble for a few gums? The answer is simple. ‘Because they are worth it’. Bubble gums can be life saviors for a student.

Physiologists say that chewing bubble gum makes a person more attentive to the lecture. (Or one can be attentive to the chewing movement of jaws during bore lectures).

Studies show that people who chew bubble gums stay healthy and live longer. (chewing–>jaw and teeth workout —>healthy teeth—> easy to chew food—> properly chewed food —-> good health)

Also there are a number of fun things you can do with a bubble gum.

  1. Temporarily repair broken sandal. (It happens a lot in summers)
  2. Play stretch with it.
  3. Put it in a jar daily for safe keeping and when you have a gum ball big enough to attract attention. Auction it off to the highest bidder.
  4. Use it as earplugs in annoying lectures.
  5. Hang it from one ear and give people an impression that your brain is leaking.
  6. Extinguish a match stick.
  7. Blow bubbles and take photos for instagram as it bursts on your face.
  8. Create a spider web. Laugh at the spider caught in it. Laugh again because of the irony.
  9. Put it on a chair, laugh at one who sits on it.
  10. Smear it on your hands and climb up walls like spiderman.                                                               and many more like, etc and etc.

Yes its true. Isn’t it amazing? You can do all this with a mere bubble gum. So after considering all these plus points, I strongly support the revival of bubble gums in university. I personally recommend bubble gums to students of all ages.


*BTW the girl in the pic have nothing to do with my university. Obviously because its an engineering school and engineering girls always look kinda strange. (At-least in my head). Don’t be offended if you are a girl and engineering student at the same time. You can still take a biology exam and go to medical school. :p

Thats all for now. Later perhaps. Stay awesome


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