Big Time Review

BTR. Ashow that’s not the funniest show nor the best musical show, yet the best show in the Comedy+Musical genra.


It’s a story of 4 hockey players who love to sing. They make it to LA as a boy band after selected in auditions by Gustavo Rocque. It focus on the challenges they face and the way they live in hollywood without changing themselves. The story is obviously all made up and the only thing real about the show’s the first names of the 4 band members. It has 4 seasons and each episode features a BTR song, mostly near the end of episode. There are a number of guest appearances and duets. Lots of stuff breaking and some teen drama. The best thing about the show is that it don’t have a laugh track but still it cracks your up with laughter. Not even a single foul word or indecent joke.

It’s definitely an under-rated show. 1 point short on imdb, by my rating. why?

  1. It’s a Nickelodeon show. And all Nickelodeon shows are under-rated. e.g. Spongebob SquarePants (aka. the funniest cartoon show in TV history.) *For more, go to imdb and check the ratings of the Cartoon Network show you hate the most and the Nick show you like the most.
  2. It’s for teenage audience only. Neither for kids nor for elders.
  3. It’s a show about an actual musical band that makes it a promotional show, and such shows are always under-rated.

Characters’ summary:


Kendell is the leader of the group. He keeps the group united and is good with moral speeches and making plans under stressful conditions. Also the reigning Sir-High-Lord of Pranks, a title he lost to his sister and then his mother. He wanted to be a professional hockey player but enjoys singing with his friends all the time. He goes with the boys, for auditions and is the only one who get selected, but refuses to go unless Gustavo make them a singing group. Thus forming the band. I hate him. Poor acting.

James Diamond is the most passionate one about singing. He always dreamed to be a famous singer. He is ‘the handsome one’ in the group. He came from the rich Diamond family, but is also very attached to the Knight family. Have always come to ‘Mama Knight’ for motherly advise (because his own mother is very bossy and he cannot speak in front of her). He is very protective for Katie as his sister. Very popular with the girls, but goes for ‘the challenging type’, like Lucy. Self-obsessed. Not very smart. Caring without letting someone know.

In real life, James was a chubby kid. He joined gym early and liked it so much that he never left again. He still eats a lots and also works out a lot.

Logan is ‘the smart one’ of the group. Wanted to be a doctor but also shared the love for singing. Has a pinch of British ascent that sounds good. Loves Maths. Very smart and brainy and thinks of everything in a scientific way. Believes in ‘Love Science’ and picked Camille as his GF after checking his heart rate, brain waves and sweat level, while looking at her (just to make sure he really loves her).

In real life Logan is an adventurous soul. He joined an acrobat training program as a boy. Likes camping and skydiving. He is always in a funny mood and its difficult to make him serious on set. His super power is his sence of humour, that’s also in his tweets @1LoganHenderson


Carlos is ‘the nice and sweet one’. He wanted to be a superhero+singer. Not very good at making decisions. Can’t break someone’s heart and can’t say No. Has a soft heart and cares even for animals. Has difficulty in finding a GF, but is the only one who has ever gone out on a date with all the three Jennifers (together and also one by one). He wears a hockey helmet most of the times and its very difficult to separate the two. As he is a little wild, his helmet is for extra head safety for doing crazy and dangerous things.

In real life Carlos is the most popular one among girls, since childhood. He was in his school’s cheerleading team. On the contrary to being wild and crazy in the series, he tries to keep the guys in line in real life and himself remains serious to some extent.


Gustavo Rocque is the manager and producer of the band. He was a hit producer and song writer of his time with dozens of gold records. Now after a long time of no hit song, he tours across US to pick one whom he can train to be a famous singer. Rather he finds a boy band, BTR. Most of his earlier songs included the word ‘girl’ but then the group changes him in different ways. He comes with more creativity when he starts working with the BTR. He is very strict and gives tough time to the boys. He calls the group, “my dogs” and sees himself as their trainer. Although he don’t try to show it, but he really cares a lot about the boys and consider them his family.


Katie Knight, Kendall’s 9-year-old sister. She is considered the most smart of all characters. She uses blackmail to make people do what she want. But she is very helpful to everyone at time. Her business insight is very strong. Rather than playing with children of her own age, she is always in some plan to make money. Her best friend is Buddha Bob and nemesis/friend is Mr.Bitters.

Ciara Bravo started modeling and TV ads at age 9. She has voice act in a number of animated Movies including Giselita in the Open Season Universe, Patty in “Happiness Is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown”, Sarah in “Special Agent Oso”, Meg Murphy in Jinxed, Mellissa Bing in Swindle and Penguins of Madagascar. Her tweets are really hilorious and creative @ciarabravo


Jennifer Knight aka “Mama Knight” or “The Momager” is the mother of Katie and Kendall. She is also like a mother to Carlos, James and Logan. James and Carlos love the dinosaur shaped cookies she make for them. She is very caring to the boys and is always there to help.

<- Camille and Jo ->

Camille is the first friend the group made at Palm Woods. She is 15, yet considered the best actress at Palm Woods, but don’t get many roles, because she gets emotionally attached to her character. That’s why Mrs Knight first thought on her is: “a little crazy”. She is in love at first sight with Logan. ->Erin Zaria Sanders is best known for her roles as Quinn Penskyon in Emmy nominated show, Zoey 101. She has worked in about 9 films and 18 TV series including guest starring in CSI Miami, Weeds,Castle, The Mentalist and American Dreams. Have won 6 Youth Artist awards for best actress. She tweets at @ErinZariah

Jo is the new girl who came to Palm Woods, following her dream to become an actress. She is ‘the nice one’ among girls. Quickly gets a role in “New Town High”. After becoming Kendell’s GF, she remains loyal to him throughout the show. > Katelyn Tylor is a singer, song writer, guitarist and actress. She is not very successful singer, but have dozens of self-made videos on internet, making faces and talking in nose. The videos seem more wierd then funny.


“And then there are ”The Jennifers”. Three girls who sing, dance and act.” They have worked in a couple of hit movies and are now in a 3 season contract of  a TV series, “The Mean Girls”. In season 3 they go to Australia for shooting of “Mermaid Surfer Princess 3”. They don’t let anyone near their league. “Legend says that when they first came to LA, they were really nice, and also walked in normal motion” but then they got the “Hollywood fever”, which is the most common disease in LA. Throughout the 4 seasons, whenever they enter, wind starts blowing, time slows down and their signature soundtrack starts playing. And are always called “The Jennifers”, as a group. Legend also says that the Jennifers have never been separated. “It haven’t been done before”, except once by Katie. They are self-obsessed, but are friendly at times. They are specified by their dress colour or sitting order. eg. the red dress Jennifer, Jennifer the second one, etc.


Palm Woods is a hotel in LA where the boys live. Here live the people who work/are in search of career in hollywood. Mostly teenagers and also child stars with their families. It have a park which is the favourite place of child stars and a pool which is teen’s favourite spot.

Mr Bitters || Buddha Bob

Mr. Bitters is the PalmWoods’ manger. Katie’s nemesis but also friend. He takes care of her in his own way. Always in plans to make more money, or to prove that he is smarter than Katie, but never succeeds. He lives alone at Palm Woods. He was a bright student. Fell in love in college. Made more and more money to keep her happy but she left him. The only family he has left is his mother.
Buddha Bob as the PalmWoods groundskeeper and Katie’s friend. Crazy looking but is actually a sensible man. Daran Norris is a renown actor and has act/voice act in about 400 movies and TV shows.

Lucy, a rock star|| The Guitar Dude, a guitarist|| Jett, a self obsessed actor
Dr. Hollywood, a crazy doctor|| Miss Collins, PalmWoods School’s Teacher
Tucker Albrizzi as Tyler Duncan|| Fabio as himself

Tyler is about 9 year old child star. He is often hiding from his mother who always keep preparing him for auditions. But he just wants to play like normal children of his age. He is famous for his juice box commercial. Fabio comes as a pocket grill owner, singer and also Katie’s nemesis.

Rocque Records, founder by Gustavo Rocque, is the studio where the boys record their songs.
Kelly, Gustavo’s PA. Very supportive to the group. Keeps Gustavo in line.
Griffin, Gustavo’s pushy boss. || Hawk, Gustavo’s nemesis

I don’t know if this show can be compaired to the big leagues, but its atleast better than iCarly, Zoey 1o1, H2O: Just add water, Drake & Josh and Ned’s disclassified school surviving guide. Thus I give it 7.5/10  so wether you watch it or not, 7.5 it is.

Here check out these solo shorts I myself cut from the show.


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