Prison Break







“The best gujjar TV series to this date.” – says The Times of RajaBazar

“Basheer have once again broken the code to a breathtaking, heartpounding , fast pace thriller.” – GawalaMandi Press

It is a story about, this guy


Ghajni Gujjar, a civil engineer from NUST, Texas, Egypt. After years of berozgari (in which he played snooker, watched Indian movies, bring dahi and dotch flying chappals of Ammi). One day, inspired by Amir Khan’s Gajni, he finally decides to seek future as a tatoo designer. Tries to sell his designs, but no luck. Hopeless about those designs, he decides to become gajjni himself. Later revealed that being a structural engineer and designing prisons in the past few years, he had also added his engineering to the tattoos. Making them blue prints of ย a prison. Still berozgar and kangal, like a normal Pakistani, he decides to rob a bank. It was a MQM dharna day in Karachi, so he thought robbing a bank won’t be a problem. But whaola, the Police actually showed up and arrested him. (Kyukay MQM k dharnay par Police nahi jati). He was sent to a prison he himself designed. Judge: “So you design prisons? Lets send you in one of your own making.” Such genious people, much wow.

His Brother:


In the prison he meets his brother, Allah Rakha, the luckiest man in any TV series. He is so lucky people actually believe he writes his own story. Legend tells that, when he was a kid, he was so pale and weak that her mother took her to a bangali baba. He told her to change the name of the child to “Allah Rakha” and beat him daily if he doesn’t eat 2 rotis a meal, at age 9. So he grew up eating 2 rotis and maar, each meal.


When he sees his younger brother in prison, he is like: “Chotay bahi? Tum Bee???”. But soon the mystery is revealed. Gajni had no rishta chances in the out side world, due to his berozgari and awargi. So he came to prison to set line with a doctor. As they say, world can change, when engineers meet doctors. (Or doesn’t).

This is the Prison Doctor, Sarah.


Only one question. Why?


But you don’t have to worry, coz its just a TV Series where such impossible things happen all the time. We all know how doctors are in real life.


And then the doctor proves why she is there. She gives insulin shots to gajni with a regular syringe, that too on his arm. Insulin shots are given by much smaller syringes and in less quantity. (Na k puri tube bhar k laga dow). So that’s why she was sent to a prison paramedics. She must have killed patients earlier buy giving fever shots and panadol to everyone. But she was not fired as her sifarish was tagri (his father is a minister). So they thought, “lets send her to prison, there even if she kills 5-10 people a week, none will bother”.

Remember what I said earlier about Girls leaving engineering and going to medicine. Well after seeing this, I take that back. They should rather seek degree in gol-roti, as it will increase there rishta chances by more than 33.34%.

Without wasting time on all character, lets just have a general look at all the escapees.


Anything common? Yes, all of them have some major hair fall issues. If I were making this TV series, I would have shown lifebuoy shampoo and zubaida-appa beauty soap in the jail bathrooms.

Short Intro:

  1. T-bag (actual nick name): From lipton T-bag fame. The man behind the “aik waqt ma teen tara kee chai kesay banai?” mystery add. Hobby: killing people. 70-80% psychopathic. A retired political worker I suppose.
  2. Behjamin: Fame: Bin-Yamin lawn and fabrics. Joint owner of Beh-Yamin Brothers and Sons, cloth merchants and dastkari center, Patli Gali, Bara Market, Faisalabad.
  3. Fernando: The crusher, the lover, the believer. Believes in love at first sight. Has a good heart.
  4. The-Reject.
  5. The Mental one
  6. The Good-Ugly-&-Bad man. Worried about will falling hair.

Captain Ballick:


Either I have seen monkeys and donkeys look better or maybe its because I hate him most. Have you ever known a person whom you want to punch in the face constantly till he dies. That’s the kind of person he is. No more words. I am loosing my cool here. much stop for now. SPOILER: But he dies a hero.

BTW, before I finish this is my favorite character

alex_mahone_by_solmaro-d6jzfhcAlexander Mahone (Alex), not only have the brains but also the martial art moves that make him cool. He look older than his actual age due to a drug addiction, which he quit in s3. You will see him from season 2 till the end.

So that’s it with the intro review… I have 2 tips for you.

  1. Watch Prison Break in the first spare time you get.
  2. Never and I mean NEVER skip a single episode. The plot is too fast pace and every episode is at the standard level. *Unlike so many other shows that have few ‘space filling’ episodes in between. So enjoy every episode, coz you may not find a similar show again.

My season wise ratting: s1 > s5 > s2 > s4 > s3

Overall : ย 9.2/10


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