Save the kid upfront


If you believe in Sherlock’s science of deduction, its obvious that the man driving is a government employee and the woman, house wife. This deduction may or may not be true but its a fact that there will always be a child on the petrol tank. No matter if its raining, no matter if its hailing, the child is on front. In the freezing winter, with a blue face. And a red face in burning summer. In shorts and sleeveless tshirt is getting his skin burnt. And then their mothers will always say k unka bacha bachpan mein gora tha, phir garmi mein cricket khailnay say kala hogaya. This child breaths the dark truck smoke coming right at his/her face. Everyday we look at dozens of such kids. Is it love? Is it care? Is it what parents should be doing to theing children? Maybe those parents never thought about it. But they should.


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