Lost forever


On September 22nd 2004, Oceanic flight 315 crashed on The Island, triggering a global phenomena known as Lost. That was 10 years ago. Being a Pakistani, the effects of this phenomena reached me 9 years late .ie. last year. *Which is still a ‘short delay’ compared to 3G*. Bad joke. cross that. the delay was totally on my end. So the marathon began and I found myself hooked. Ever read a Dan Brown novel in two days? Imagine that condition for a week. I lost 2 pounds and 20 hrs sleep that week (Dont take my word for it). The suspense is ever lasting. It will always keep you guessing and whatever you suspect, it will always keep surprising you. I won’t call it a ‘fast pace’ thriller but miss one episode and you are lost. The first 4 seasons are among the top seasons of any mystery tv show I have seen. The last two get a little (or very) dull but they contain the answers to a few (not all) mysteries. A quick tip: Never hate or trust anyone. Almost all the characters have their good and bad side revealed at some point. Except [Spoiler Alert] Jack. He you can trust. With the second largest cast in any TV show ever, they still have background story for almost everyone. Its genera is hard to define. Adventure, drama, fantasy, science fiction, mystery, thriller with a little ongoing horror and fun. You will love it. I did.

Specially recommended for those out there who want to lose some serious weight (or gain some) or put their free time to good use.

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