Arrow is back


Yesterday, 8 October, saw the return of Arrow, with its 3rd season. After a longer wait and higher expectations, the season started with a satisfying episode. Here is a view at whats new and what changed this season. 

What’s New?

Faster Arrow:

Episode 1 opens with a chase. Arrow onto a big truck. If your first remarks were, “hey isn’t Arrow actually running faster than usual?”, then you are not alone. Arrow is faster this season. And also more acrobatic. When you see Roy’s swing-flick entry, you think maybe Roy’s stunt double is even better than Arrow’s. And that proves true as the episode progresses.

and a ‘nicer’ costume too… ready to go Arsenal

Superman comes to Arrow:


Really? Actually No. You will catch the first glimpse of the superman guy at the store where Felicity works. Later he appears and nails the meeting at Queen Consolidates with his speech. So my vote is with this superman dude. (He is Ray Palmer but I am gonna call him Clark Kent.) He is the yet-to-be Captain Atom, which he will-be, after he takes over Queen Consolidates and starts new projects in its science division. A full of energy character .ie. someone much needed.

Bow: New and Improved
Bow: New and Improved

You will now notice that arrow’s bow is now a multi-weapon. It’s a stick, it’s a slider, its has the mechanism to drive Arrow up on a rope and obviously its a bow. But not that old bow that flow/unfold to half its size. This ‘improved’ bow reduces to palm size, to fit Olive’s fancy suits.

Hood and Suit:

This time Arrow is wearing Suit under his hood. Not all the time though, but it’s very thoughtful. Could come in handy.

Hong Kong:

Batman and Arrow are much the same. The difference lies in their weapon of preference, and their cities. Starling city is no match to the legendary Gotham. Yet Arrow has this flash-back story that Batman lacks. This time its Hong kong. To early to say how it will turn out, but its a weak start. 1- First you say he was ‘on the island for 5 years’ and then you bring in HongKong. 2- Why is Arrow willing to do something that isn’t right (and may involve killing many innocent people) only to save family of a gangster (just two ppl).

Samurai Katana:

When Arrow blank outs after the beating, he woke with a Chinese (sorry, Japanese) girl nearby. Olive: Where am I? Girl: At our home. Me and my husband’s. (and I was like: SAY WHAT? Another GF, say not this one with pointy elvish ears.) But turns out she is talking about her japanese-american husband. A guy from ‘Real Steel’ movie. and the-girl-with-pointy-ears is actually Samurai Katana from DC comics. Although she don’t look like codename:Katana here, but she will be making appearances in The Flash as Katana, Flash’s half-enemy, half-friend.


What’s Back:

Arrow’s line is back. “[Full Name], you have failed this city.”

I could be wrong, but as I recall, this line was widely missing from season 2 and its sounds good to be back.

What’s the drop:

With great powers, comes the great responsibility. And with a great show comes great expectations. Here is where a fan’s expectations are let down by the Arrow team.

  1. Scene where Oliver asks Felicity out, is full of poor acting. and it continues in the hotel scene. Both are good in acting, no doubt, but maybe their chemistry don’t suit romance.


  1. Oliver is keeping Roy on side lines. He tells the group when Thea sends her photos, breaking that she is still in contact with him (but not Roy, who still loves her). We see Roy following Arrow’s orders like a droid.
  2. |My opinion| Oliver is slowly kicking Diggle out of the gang. Says it loud and clear that its his game and not Diggle’s. Then he tells Diggle to back down as he is a father now and his family needs him. Technically he is useless, but still kicking someone out of the group is harsh.
  3. I want Manu Bennett back. I want Summer Glau back.Summer-Glau-and-Emily-Bett-Rickards-in-Arrow-Crucible
  4. The opening episode closes with Sara being shot thrice by a mystery archer, and she falls to Laurel. The archer I guess is Malcolm Merlyn (by the size and colour of the arrows) but it could be Ras al Ghur, the main villian this season. But how Thea teamed up with him. Maybe both Ras al Ghur and Malcolm are working together. There seem no reason why she was sent-away at the end of the last season and then brought back just to die. Its pointless. If you have to kick her out of the show, wasn’t gone-to-the-unknown enough. Maybe its the basis for Laurel to be the Black Canary. (Remember Sara gave that signature Canary jacket to Laurel in s2 finale?) But the problem is, I hate Laurel.
  5. “You got a hot date or something?”, now why would CAPTAIN Lance say so.

Good News: Its announced that ep 8 will be Arrow-Flash cross over ep. I really wanted that. Waited so long for it.

So far so good, the first episodes is a  go. Waiting for more Arrow.


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