Once there were two brothers. Younger brother Sammy Ullah and elder brother Salah-ud-Dean. Their father had a fight with thier mother and she left them to go live at her maikay-ghar. Saludin takes care of Sami while their father is at work. However Saludin is obsessed with Umroo-Ayar horror stories and reads them to Sami. These story booklets come free with 10Rs papar which they both like. Their father have often told them that it’s not good for their stomach but kids are kids. Being home alone with nothing else to do, with time they invented their own jin-fighting pretend game. As Sami goes to school and Saludin don’t, Sami is more inclined towards StarWars. He wanted Jedi force but Saludin didn’t wanted to spoil his jin-bhoot game with scifi stuff so he didnt let him at first. However later when Sami insisted, he let him use jedi powers but only rarely. Sami cries sometimes for daddy but Saludin tells him that they have to complete their ‘mission’ first and then they will go to him. As their father comes very late, Sami often sleeps before he returns and wakes when he is already gone early morning. Thus most of the stuff his father says come to him in third person from Saludin. And it goes on and on. Supernatural-poster

This story may seem familiar because its kinda the behind-the-series story of Supernatural s1. They say don’t judge a book by its cover. Similarly don’t judge supernatural by its first season. Give it a chance. It gets better (or it will lose its charm. Totally depending on the viewer). You can watch first 2 eps and then last 2 of the 1st season if you are in a rush to catch up. But I won’t recommend rushing through as it’s only good as an ep to ep show, basically a serial than a series. After watching 5 seasons I think it has as much plot as WWE. It has a pinch of all the ingredients for a great show, like fun, drama and suspense. If you are not a big scifi fan, it’s even better. Also good if you like Ainak Wala Jin coz its definetly not a horror show. Bad choice if you want explainations like how-stuff-works and why-this. God, Angels even Devil is a joke here. Still there is a lot of fan following and most of my friends are watching it, so maybe there is something really good about this show that I am not getting. Definetly worth a shot.


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