Bring-your-umbrella-to-school Day

After my trust in Bing weather was completely lost, came the day when my mother believed it for the first time. “Aaj dow bajay barish hai, chatri laay k jana.”  I tried to reason with her. Told her how Bing weather is the reason for trust issues worldwide. ‘But the power of the mother could not be undone’. At univ it started raining and I realised that this might be the first time I have ever brought an umbrella to university, school or anywhere. I realised wrong. It felt odd. and the fact that most of the girls had umbrellas with them, only made it worse. (There were boys with umbrellas too, but we only see what we think we see.) After it stopped raining, I tried to walk with my umbrella like 70s British gentlemen did with sticks. People could easily have confused it with Charlie Chaplin walk. After an hour of swishing, flicking, spinning and balancing, I gave it to a friend to hold for a sec. As he took it in his hand, something took over him, (maybe the strong will of umbrella to be played with). He opened it up and tried to do a dance step. He might be doing Rihanna’s Umbrella dance, but from where I stand it looked like a 10yo loosing control over umbrella in strong wind and falling.


Umbrella Racism

Umbrella is one of those inventions that are so commonly used, yet never fully given credit for. Trains for example. There are movies, poems , songs about them. On the other hand what movies have done is promote Umbrella racism. No 80s themed movie is complete without a rainy scene with dozens of black umbrellas but not a single coloured one. We have a yellow umbrella but it’s a banana joke to other umbrellas. PinkUmbrellaRightsOrganization is not one bit happy with this discrimination towards their colourful community.

I almost forgot the moment of the day.

CVT Teacher: Who’s umbrella is this?

Me: Mine!

Teacher: It’s a little… feminine.

Me: Not really mine.


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