The curious case of Umair Jaswal

Morning breeze after rainfall and radio playing your favourite song; moments cannot get any better than this. People go for a long drive to relax. Pakistanis do to critisize other drivers on the road. If there is one thing we love more than poondi, its pointless critisizm. Music is in our soul and CokeStudio, with its 8 seasons and no chance of slowing down, has just cashed in on it. Every season they give us so much to critisize while still enjoy quality music. ‘Sammi Meri Waar’ by Umair Jaswal and QB, went viral not coz it is a good song, although it is, but for the sole reason of the odd contrast it created when Jaswal, a rock musician, was dancing to it while QB, a somewhat pop-classic singer, was standing still with a blank face. The song went so viral it was aired in several countiries. As of Umair, he says that although he has recieved a lot of hate, with hateful audio replies from countries like Iraq and negative youtube responses, his facebook followers increased by 160 thousand in a week of the song release. For a whole day Umair Jaswal was amoung the top 10 twitter trend worldwide. Its a good song but cokestudio has produced many good songs repeatedly. Its not like Jaswal was planning the whole thing, but he has been producing music for more than 10 years now without any notable success. Things like these, and days like this, you never know when fame hit you. You just have to stop critisizing others, keep doing your own thing and hope that the others critisize you more than they do others.


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