Destination: Happiness

Coming back from uni, we were stuck in a traffic jam. Friday as usual. All week we count down to Friday for obvious reasons. We think the weekend will bring us happiness. I see happiness as the time I get for gaming and binge watch TV series. As the clock stuck the lecture’s end, we feel moments away from reaching happiness. But just like clockwork we leave uni to be stuck in a traffic jam. And its Pindi ka traffic jam, where a truck is less of an automotive and more a dark biogas plant. On your right is RCB vehicle which never picks up garbage but still smells like dead dogs all the time. We think when we reach home we will be happy. Then we reach home and its Monday morning.

Today however while we were stuck in traffic, a young man on his bicycle went cutting through the traffic. He was ringing his bell, “haat jow hamaray samnay say humnay Karachi jana hai” he said out loud. In all the smoke under the burning sun he had a smile on his face that only a few people have. Pure happiness. To avoid more traffic me took a shortcut through a narrow street. That street too was jammed. There a little boy about 3yo in dirty clothes was playing with a small toy car with broken front wheels. “rum rum!!! Amna jaldi karo mein gari mornay laga hu” he said to his around 2yo sister. There was that smile again. Pure happiness. When we look around, the people who live the happiest lives often have very little. The problem is not money or success. The problem is the way we think. We think if we are successful and have a certain life style we will be happy. We work hard to reach happiness of tomorrow. The fact however is that there is no tomorrow and happiness in itself is not a destination. It is a way of life. We can’t reach it but we can live it. I say, “Happiness is now”. It’s when people love going to school or office. It’s when they work for a better life while enjoying the life they have. Students who get good grades want to be like the cool kids. Those who have other talents want good grades. Nobody is happy with what s/he has. Happiness when you don’t give a damn for what other have. But Dont Give a Damn attitude is not a torrent you can download. You can’t just one day decide to think positive and live in the moment. Mapping the mind takes years. But you have to start at some point. Why not today? Or would you rather like to be part of this rat race for a little while longer to see if you can reach happiness. Spoiler alert: Happiness is not a destination. Its inside you.


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