How to Get Away With a Prank-Went-Wrong

Playing pranks can be fun for both parties as long as nobody gets hurt and its not you being played with. If you have a shareef face it can be easy but I’ve been thrown off my game lately and my old tricks are not working. Reason being, now ppl know me and the only choice for the game to go on is to try strangers. This needs extra care as pranks often go wrong and not everyone can take a joke. Question is, how to get away with it when they don’t?

Easy solution, just say sorry and run away before the other gets a chance to react. Hear it from the one who’ve been there, standing and smiling, ‘Mei Tou Mazak Kar Raha Tha’ is definitely not the right approach. In 90% cases the answer is, ‘Tumara Mera Mazak Hai?’ and hearing that breaks one’s ego to fine pieces. To add to the situation, there is no proper come back to this yet discovered. In the end between FightVsFlight, the choice is yours.


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