Popularity and Puberty

Mahira Khan is everywhere these days. Currently promoting her new film Ho Maan Jaha, she is never off camera. Yes she made great waves after Humsafar and been on Hum TV in consistently successful projects but 2015 has just been a bright year for her. 2016 looks even brighter. A friend pointed out that most, if not all, celebrities go through such phase. A fame shoot that lasts about 2 to 3 years of too much success. So much so that it’s the same person on every drama, movie, TVC and talk show. Just like puberty when humans experience a shooting growth with other physical and mental changes, this shooting fame changes celebrities. Some stay humble and ppl keep loving them while others catch the showbiz disease and their downfall starts. To a point when lets say 3 years of exploding success, ppl wont recognize them a few years late. Others who stay down to earth, interact with fans, respect their colleagues and  stay relevant till they die. Hopefully Mahira Khan will make the right choice and come to our uni. Unlike when she bailed on Nust Islamabad for promotion of Manto.

*Manto drama, Mein Manto after 2 years of delay will finally be coming to Geo this December with the same cast. Since I am boycotting Geo I will be watching it online but still its exciting news.


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