More you drink, more thirsty you get

A month back I read an article how minds of people who drink less water are like dehydrated plants. First thing I did was install a water reminder app. A week later I was drinking 8 glasses of water a day. Now it’s a month and I feel thirsty all the time. No matter what the science say I am not feeling any more healthy than I already was or having a clearer mind than I already had. It’s just thirst, that never goes away. I was happy when I never cared for water. I had lived on two glasses of water all my life and thus fasting has always been easy. Much easier than normal human beings. It was one of my superpowers but I don’t think I have it anymore. Plus you have to pee a lot. and then drink more water. Way I see it, it’s a waste of time and against the true nature of a lazy person. So drink water but only enough to survive. If you can live a comfortable life with 2 glasses of water a day, why not. This will lead to an evolved human race that may not need water at all. and as we all know we are gonna need that in the future. Think about it.

PS. Jessica Jones s1 dropped this morning. On episode 5 rn. It’s not Daredevil but it’s something in it’s own way. Jam packed with clever references to popular TV shows and Marvel’s shared multiverse, it’s fun. I was thinking of doing a review but apparently people on youtube got all sides covered. Damn people are fast. Anyways, TC. Will write more often from now on.


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