Polarized Paradox

You get polarized glasses for sensitive eyes to protest them from bright lights. I been using these for a while now but not until recently that I realised how good of a mirror they make for others. I was watching GOT when my lil brother came into the room. As he came close, I closed the player window coz he is 12 and not ready for this. But he was like “you dont have to minimize it, I can see everything in your glasses. And then he prooved it by reading what I was typing by just looking into the lens. My whole life turned out to be a lie. So my parents can tell when I am stuying and when scrolling down FB? How long has it been a thing? Why no one ever told me like a few months ago? But most importantly, why I didnt realised it myself? What should I do? If you don’t wear them, your eyes will be dry and redish fast but if you do wear them there is no privacy left. Life is hard and this world never makes it easy fot you.


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