Sand and the City

On 2nd Ramzan for reasons unknown our neighbours decided to dump a trolley full of sand in the middle of the street. Road block was least of what followed. Storm hit that night, trees broke and so does electricity, but most of all the whole neighbourhood now had sandy floors and everything else. Then it rained. Next day kids were digging holes in the sand. There is a reason why people who dont have kids have dogs, but that will come later. When the sand dried by mid-day, these kids needed water. When they were denied from their homes, kids being rebels drank water and peed on the sand to make things work. I was one of those who got to witness this and it wasn’t a pretty sight. Food for your imagination.

Now about the dogs part. We know how much dogs like to sand. Lets just say what kids did there in day time, dogs did at night with a few added things of their own. Every fajr time these dogs be laying on the sand in the middle of the street. So I started going to mosque with my father. Yesterday however my father came early after farz and when I came back, the dogs where still there. I am a peace loving person so I decided to wait till the dogs leave by their own free will. Not realising there was one way out and we were in each other’s way. We stood our positions till the sun came up. All this time no human or dog interupted this stand off. Soon came the newspaper guy but he was on bike and I was on foot. Risk was high so I presumed it better to keep waiting. Then it hit me, they are not leaving because I am in their way. Guess they are as scared of me as I am of them. (Assuming I am scared of them). So I went to a nearby bakery. Sat there for a while, thinking how it will look coming out of a bakery at 7am in Ramzan. When I came back two dogs were still there, but now there were a few passersby so I walked with shaky legs home and quickly closed the gate behind me. Must be roza getting to me. I was hoping Abbu wont ask where I was. Yeah, so not a sand person.


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