Naps are tricky. You can either wake up active and charged up according to the plan or like most times you wake up thirsty and even more tired than earlier. Another problem is waking up at the right time. I rarely have any issue with sleeping. Head down, 5 mins of silence and zap, deep slumber. Waking up is also easy but only if it’s important, let’s say an exam in the morning. Mostly I wake up a few minutes early and turn off the alarm before it rings. Normal days are different. Internal clock is also sleeping and I never hear an alarm. I don’t know when was the last time I heard it. Is it even working?

Then there are these strange dreams. I rarely have dreams at night (or I forget) but these day naps have such surreal dreams. Some of these make clear sense as they are part of the routine. Like I will be enjoying some cold drink, even feel the taste of it but then wake up to realize there is no cold drink and I am fasting. Meanwhile there are others that don’t make sense. Like this one time I saw someone broke my glasses. The same week I myself accidentally broke my glasses; Inception. Yesterday for example I saw a notification on my phone that Natalie has posted a new video. I woke up to a charge-less phone and limited internet. By the time my internet settled down and I checked YouTube, about 4 hours had passed but the video was just posted a few minutes ago. If it was a Good Mythical Morning video I would have not mentioned it, but Natalie Tran don’t follow a uniform posting pattern. She be posting one video in two weeks of two in one week and you never know which day. I am not saying day naps can make you a psychic but if one wants to believe so, there won’t be a lack of such coincidences in anyone’s life. Only problem being you will remember the dream once the said event has already occurred. Or maybe it’s different for you. What if you are a psychic? What if we all humans have had this power all this time but don’t know because it is triggered by daytime naps? Think about it. What am I even saying, I need a nap.


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