Adobe Illustrator Tutorials


Last week my internship came to an end and with nothing to do the ashes remains of an artist inside of me gave out a spark and I decided to learn graphic designing. My first thought was, engineers don’t do arts. But wait, Pakistani engineers excel at everything other than engineering. So I took 3 days of the one week free trial classes in a local art academy. Out of the two softwares, photoshop and illustrator, illustrator fascinated me the most. The courses offered were not only unreasonably expensive but the teachers too were not at that required skill level. For example I initially wanted to join for learning anime design and animation but that course was not available. So I turned to my good old friend, the internet.Youtube is swarming with tutorials. Tutorial and How-To are the most searched  Youtube keywords and thus with great demand comes more but not so great supply. It was really hard to find good tutorials but then I finally found this course: Adobe Illustrator for beginners’ by Gareth David It also has a practice folder which you can download and follow along; making it a more involved learning experience. The Photoshop tutorials on this channel are also good but we will come to that in a later post. Now I must mention the channel that made me give up on anime and start to root for flat designs. Tutorials Box: Illustrator Tutorials comes after you have completed the beginners course. These are more advanced, practice-based tutorials but by the time you are done with it you are an illustrator pro. Another channel worth checking out is Zimri Mayfield. His tutorials may not be that instructive but unlike other tutorials his are not boring. Also he is a talented new Youtube so subscribe to show some support. Just so you know, I am yet on ep9 of beginners’ course. Hope I make it till the end. Later 🙂

P.S. Why Illustrator? Illustrator has vector designs which means they do not pixelate or lose quality even at infinite zoom. Photoshop can perform wonders but it should not be used for graphic designs that need tweaking for different scenarios, like a professional logo or web design.


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