Metro bus and trust issues

I live not far from Saddar, the starting point of twin cities Metro bus route, but have been in one only thrice in its more than one year. I feel almost guilty. I may not be the person who understand it enough to write about it but I think I have a better understanding of its people. If a regular metro-user (metro goer? metro rider?) has trust issues, I understand. When a voice constantly keeps telling you to be beware of pickpockets, you are likely to get paranoid. There were at least five people around me who turned into potential pickpockets right before my eyes. I had my hands in my trousers pockets, one holding the phone and other my wallet and a chocolate bar. The bar melted but it tasted just fine so I will take this win.

More on the metro experience later. Take care and remember to be beware of the pickpockets. Later 🙂


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