Fandom Harmony, A conspiracy theory

Girls are more likely to be in the Wizarding world of SuperWhoLock and boys join Lord of the Star Wars. This is how it’s meant to be. But every now and then you will see someone break the natural order of things and joint the opposite fandom. What can follow is chaos. We however donot see the world explode into tiny pieces every time this happens. This is because of the yin and yang principal of fandoms. Every time a boy joins a supernatural group, a girl in some other part of the world joins a star trek group. This keeps the world in balance. Like good and evil both forces need the other to survive. If one gets stronger, it wins and breaks the harmony. Newer fandoms like GoT and Marvel are breaking gender stereotypes but in the heart of every fandom rivalry we see this harmony, this balance that both sides unconsciously maintain at a global level. I can’t prove it because I don’t have enough data but it seems really obvious. My theory however gets kicked in the chin when it comes to DC vs Marvel. No one in their right mind will join DC after how they played with our emotions in BatsVSupes, The Killing Joke and Suicide Squad. Why can’t we like both you say? I believed in that too. I started as a DC fan with Batman comics. Then CW’s Arrow came. I unknowingly liked the DC superheros over Marvel’s. The things started to change slowly. I still believe in ‘why can’t we like both’, only till you start to defend DC after all that has happened. I may not argue with you but I will judge you. I will judge you like you have never been judged before. I can’t help it. This is who I am now. Plz don’t hate me. Later 🙂


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