Every time you mention a song you like your friend who is into reality TV is gonna say, ‘you should hear its X factor cover, it’s so much better.’ Same can’t be said for CokeStudio covers though. *except Jalpari. CokeStudio season 9 has ended now but don’t worry we will find something else to criticize.

However the news of the day is thatĀ Pakistani cinemas have decided not to play any Bollywood movies after Shahrukh Khan congratulated Indian army on martyring 2 Pakistani soldiers in a firing at line of control. This however doesn’t effect him because none of his movies are being played in cinemas these days and by the time it does, all this would have been blown off. We live in a country where media has a max attention span of 14 days and people have a conveniently forgetful memory. Remember when he came to Pakistan to promote Dilwale? Just saying.

Here is a fun activity. Turn on your tv and start switching channels. Count Pakistani channels that are NOT playing Indian content. Let’s see if we can make it to double digits.



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