Everything Sucks, specially Sundays

Sundays are worst than Mondays. If I count the days of my life I wanted to kill myself, 90% would be Sundays. They are like Batman vs Superman, a classic case of when expectations do not meet reality. Also because they come right after Saturdays. The contrast alone make them feel worse than they are.

These days however all the days suck. I find myself torn between so many things that I have started foolishly at the same time. I hate leaving things halfway and it is killing me. I have a headache that is getting worse everyday and every evening I feel I have a fever. This feeling that there is something important that I need to do is not letting me do anything and the worst part is that I don’t know what it is. The fear of sessional exams I guess but there is time, why am I freaking out. At least earlier my days were unproductive but I had fun wasting time watching TV but now I don’t even want to watch TV or movie or anything. It is the constant feeling of something bad about to happen with no will or interest in doing anything. A sense of impending doom creeping up behind you or in front but more like from all directions, unseen. Not a fan of this feeling. I need a break to shut down and restart. Luckily 9-10 Moharam are on Tue-Wed and this will make a long weekend perfect for a reboot. Till later.


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