What a day to be online

When you wake up with a fever in the morning you don’t expect it to be a good day. But boy do I was wrong. I took a day off. It started raining by 10 am (still is) and the weather is spectacular compared to the burning heat of the last few weeks. The spotlight of the day however is the release of Pixel, a #BuiltByGoogle smart phone. Google while promising big have played it cool not only with it’s ad campaign but also in naming the phone colors Quite black, really blue and very silver.. Other things include Google Daydream which is much costly than a Cardboard. Then finally Nike Mag, self tying shoes from Back to the Future 2. None of these things is something I will be buying anytime soon but don’t tell me it not exciting. Also the release dates for Netflix’s Iron Fist and A Series of Unfortunate Events have announced. Westworld started 2 days ago. The only issue I have with the show is that if you are making a futuristic theme park, why old west? Not even kids like cowboys. But I will still watch it because in all the production delays I have been waiting way too long for this, but not right now. I am also hearing good things about Luke Cage. Maybe if I go back to watching TV series, but not anytime soon.  For the most part I really needed this day to happen, although none of these news really matter to me but they totally do. Later 🙂


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