Likability of everything

If I have to name non-A-list actors and actresses that I like the most, they will be Tom Hardy, Jake Gyllanhaal, Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Zoe Saldanna, Emma Stone, Anne Hathaway and Charlize Theron to name a few. These are easy pick because all these are talented good looking people, but there are many celebrities we all like that make no sense to why we do. For example I like Cara Delevingne although I know she is a terrible actress. Or Elijah Wood because he will always be Mr.Frudo to us. Then there are others that look good as a couple but not individually. Like Jesse and Jeana from PrankVsPrank. I mean they were among the top youtubers an year ago and now who watches their channels anymore. There are celebrities that we almost hate but they look good in small doses in some show we like. An example will be Graham Norton Show where they deliberately make a person you hate and one you like sit and laugh together and for a moment you forget that you hate one of them. How does it even work? How does likability works? To answer this we have to dive into human psychology and how it is being exploited by conventional celebrities and youtubers/social media celebrities alike.

1-Repetition: A bad song if we hear repeatedly starts to sound better. That is why actors go to morning and talk shows and do tv ads for almost nothing when their movie is about to be released. The idea is to get your face recognized and feel familiar. This is branding/ advertisement 1o1. Not only their tv ads but also a tv show sponsored by a brand makes them use their brand color as background and in dresses of main characters playing likable roles. Watch the movie Focus.

2-Self deprecation: This is what builds careers of most comedians but they are not the only ones doing it. It is the art of telling embarrassing and cringe-worthy stories that may or may not be true but are believable and relate-able. It’s about make fun of yourself so the other person do not feel bad. It also includes the art of doing stupid things like challenge videos to show that you do not take yourself too seriously. There is a fine line however between self-deprecating humor and nagging yourself or letting others laugh at you rather than with you. A fine example is Ellen Degeneres, or Jimmy Fallon or any of the many funny celebrity talk show hosts. This is called Pratfall’s effect.

3-Sympathy: The reason youtubers do draw-my-life videos or make up stories about a terrible childhood or middle school bullying. This doesn’t work if you tell others that you are in a bad place now. No body likes a cry baby. You always have to talk about your troubles in the past tense and tell everyone how perfect your life is now thanks to your fans. It makes a person feel like a better human being for being the cause of someone else’s happiness or success.

more on this later.


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