Vloggers’ Trap

A newly wed Punjabi couple sounds so funny being all romantic talking in Urdu for at least the first few weeks of marriage. This type of romantic Urdu that sounds like Punjabi is not a dialect/accent limited to a geographical area. Rather it is a small phase many couples go through. Then there is the holding hands in public part. This is what can be called Yes we are nikah-fied, a classic sign of arranged marriage. Newly wed couples however are not the topic today.

Yesterday a weird path of Youtube algorithms lead me to binge watching Alex Wassabi vlogs. Not only most of the day was ruined but by evening I stopped halfway into a vlog and asked myself, what am I even doing? I am turning 22 in a few months and I am doing what is equivalent of 22yo girls watching celebrity wedding videos. I felt ashamed, repulsed and disgusted of my existence, almost guilty as if I just drowned a kitten.

It all started an year after Youtube got banned in Pakistan. Since it was still accessible through my phone, I decided to get the most out of it. For a long time, the only vlogger I was following was Louis Cole (FunForLouis). Then came Jesse and Jeana who were always around in Louis’ videos so it was only natural to subscribe to them too. That had it’s run for a while but didn’t end well. Meanwhile an american woman who also often appeared in Louis’ videos turned out to be his girlfriend and became a regular dull and boring part of his videos. I had to unwillingly unsub.

Which brings us to the point, why we watch vloggers? They have no creativity compared to other content creators and for that they hate vloggers. I have always tried to stay away from them but they get you somehow, starting with just a video or two. The truth is that famous vloggers have a better life than ours. They are prettier, richer and more successful than us (or there parents are). They have a perfect life, a better life with no issues like ours (at least not on camera). Any time there is an issue or disease or anything, all that fame goes out in smoke. We don’t want to see someone like us. These people also have adventure in their lives. Imagine a channel where a person films him/herself all day using laptop or playing video games or going to uni or doing chores. There are such channels out there but only as daily video diaries. They have no chance of ever being famous. People want to see what they don’t have. That is why movies and TV shows are not based on real life. I bet many would have come up with an idea like this but never got a green light. Even Seinfeld, the show that was supposed to be about nothing is about something. The comedy is relate-able but no one can ever relate to all the adventures these characters had. Which brings up the question, is human brain attracted to the feeling of being miserable and boring. Is this why Facebook is famous? to see our successful friends in the perfect version of themselves and feel bad for ourselves. Why are humans built like this?

Notice how these blogs are getting worse and pointless everyday? This is because of the daily blog schedule that I have decided to maintain and already regretting after a week. This won’t last, partially because I can never be consistent and mostly because this is just miserable. I don’t have a clue about what to write or anything fun to say and still I am writing. Later 🙂


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