Trump won

For better or worse this Trump vs Hillary drama came to end with Trump winning the presidential election due to the Electoral College. Looks like Americans will be spending the next 4 years under a terrible administration; something I can relate to. From a non-American’s perspective it didn’t affect me, but it so really does. Not like in a world politics or economy way but only because this presidential campaign has been going on and on for like an year now and it was turning Twitter, YouTube and what-not into a battlegrounds for political trolls. Not that they weren’t active before but it really put the spark in them. Even the non-American trolls, well specially the non-American trolls were very actively supporting Hillary. 4 years will pass but the question arises is that will Trump be re-elected.  Americans have proven too be more racist than expected. 95% or white people both male and females have votes for Trump while the rest voted for a dead gorilla. The reason being white Americans are insecure after foreigners are filling in for ‘their jobs’. The minorities voted for Hillary but they now feel more alone than ever. 45% of the population didn’t vote. Nothing they can do now. This won’t come as a shock to anyone that white Americans are racists but the funny thing is that they are always the first to label anyone racist on a slight tint of it. Hillary won by popular vote but lost due to electoral college. A fancy term meaning votes in some white states are worth 2-3 times more than the rest. Again no surprise that such a non-democratic system exists in a country that can’t shut up on lecturing other on democracy. Anyway four years will pass but what troubles me is that a lot can go wrong in 4 years. Trust me I know.


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