Understanding Fear

The only thing a man fears is not having control. In the heart of every fear, be it God, demons, supernatural entities to street dogs, heights, water or being stuck in life, the only thing humans fear is the feeling of not being in control over your own situation and/or someone else having the ability to hurt or effect you in any way and there is nothing you can do to stop him/her/them/it. This applies to every fear a human might have that I can think of at the moment, so this seems like a solid theory. If true, this says a lot about humans in general. Man wants to be god, one with all the control, except world doesn’t work that way. The only people who are afraid of what lies in their future or fear things they don’t understand are the ones who haven’t accepted their reality. On the other hand, people who have accepted their place as not the God but His creation are the ones truly fearless.

Just a random thought. Later 🙂


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