Pindi ko Jeenay dou

Can you hear it? A loud grinding sound of iron on concrete? Of course you can hear it but you are not hearing it now. I however am. They are replacing the sewerage pipes in the street. This is a part of the 5 step roads associated games that the governments likes to play, called ‘aow corruption corruption khailain’ or in more local terms, ‘let’s fuck Pindi up’. Here is how you play it:
Step 1, make a road. Step 2, cut it open and put gas pipes. Step 3, wait till the ditches fill up with mud over the time and then cut open the other side for water pipes. Step 4, wait arbitrary the same amount of time and cut it open again for sewerage pipes. Step 5, wait a few years to replace the sewerage pipes. This is where we are, the final stage but calling it final would be a mistaken as this is not a point end game but a loop that repeats itself. This is what makes Pindi so ‘nazar proof’ like that black cloth on the roof or a shoe on the door of a 5 Marla mansion that the people here use to scare off evil spirits and eyes that are jealous of their success – or perhaps of the architecture, it’s hard to say. Our roads are not for rainy days. This is Pindi. It has no right to look good or even remotely clean. Sure they will repair it with dry cement but only so it can crack and break away in a week or two and then they will repeat the process. So without being over dramatic, our street is officially ruined. How’s life?
If you think I am over thinking it or plainly joking, let me tell you a story. Once upon a time in a lawless land called Pindi, there was a road square named kachari chowk. It was a beautiful road next to the kachari, Jinnah Park and cinepax. A two way road, each three lanes wide and there were trees on one side of the road. Then the game happened. Now there is smell of shit everywhere because the footpath was once cut open about two years ago to clear the sewerage line and left uncovered ever since. Thus also making the footpath useless to this day. When it rains, the soil from the ditches that were dug for the pipes, mixes with rain and shit from the sewerage line and spreads like icing on a bad cake. It was never repaired although there have been many media teams, political personals and even Ayan (aka. Ayan Ali) come here (to kachari) over the years and parked their vehicles on these ditches and yet no repairs have been see, even with dry cement. This is just one of the so many sad stories this city has to offer. I am telling this one because I have been passing through this road my entire life, specially twice a day in the last 5 years; 2 years of college and 3.5 uni. I can feel it’s pain up-close. Actually the whole cantt section where I grew up, if they cut one tree here and I see it, it actually hurts. Pindi is a beautiful place, or at least most of Pindi cantt is. Pray it do not become the shithole they are so determined to turn it into. Also hope they repair the mess they have made of our street before they leave. Later 🙂



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